Let Joe crawl round inside your head for an hour!
(It won't hurt)

My stage show runs from a tightly knit twenty minute set to a more traditional forty-five minute after dinner or corporate presentation. A full 90 minute evening show (with intermission) is also available for your venue, fundraiser or special event. All of these are a twisted blend of mentalism, mysteries and mayhem that has shocked and awed audiences at colleges and universities, high schools, corporate trainings and sales meetings, nightclubs, resorts, association banquets and motorcycle rallies. Of course, private parties and affairs are also a big part of the fun and an after dinner show is a great way to entertain your guests. A mentalist at an adult function is something different from the norm and having me entertain at your event may just change your definition of 'normal' forever! This doesn't mean that I work 'blue' (although I do know all the words and most of the gestures) and can easily adapt my performance to make things more appropriate if younger audience members are present. I'm just not a kids show magician per se (please see my Yutes page regarding that).

So, what do you think? Is the thought of an hour of having me influence your thoughts, predict the future, and ramble on about what my pugs did on the rug before I left home too intense for you? If it makes you feel any better, it's not so much me crawling around in your head reading your thoughts as it is exploring the powers of the mind together and exploring the inate abilities that we all share. Still not feeling better? Just wait until I tell you what you are seeing, smelling, tasting, feeling or hearing! And the best part is that I'll work together with you ahead of time to make a special event truly special by creating performance pieces and adapting material to pay tribute to your honoree or to deliver the right message to, or about, your organization.

Would you like your show a little darker and scarier? Oh please say yes because I love a good spook show! Bring your guests along for a ride as I recreate my experiences investigating haunted asylums and battlefields, introduce them to secret societies and occult practices, and shine a (candle) light on things our minds tell us can't be there in an attempt to protect ourselves from the truth that they can be and are. This is where my love of history comes into play as I research your locale in order to make your experience more relevant and, yes, haunting. Call me if you dare!

On behalf of my parents anniversary party and all their guests there, I would like to thank you for a job well-done. It was a complete success! Everyone really enjoyed the show and I continue to get positive feedback from them. I was a little worried about what my parents would think but I'm so glad my sister insisted we book you. You really went out of your way to learn about them and make the show so personal for them. They had a great time with you and my dad may be a little jealous. You made everyone laugh, but also kept us wondering the whole time. Your mentalism was astounding and so different from the magic show people thought it was going to be. I was amazed at how you could read people and know what they were thinking. It was as if you had a sixth sense about you. Thanks again Joe!
- Barb Maxwell

I just wanted to thank you Joe for a wonderful experience and to tell you how much I appreciated the time and effort you spent planning the show with me. You know how crazy things were before you arrived so thank God you got there early to set-up and helped me get the event on track. Your experience really showed and your attire was perfect considering it was a luau! I didn't really expect you to change your show to match our theme and it was absolutely amazing and everyone was just mind boggled. You were funny and worked the crowd nicely. I was impressed with the mind reading myself. I am still wondering how you did it. You provided many opportunities for audience participation which got even more people involved in the show and made our CEO look good. Following the show, some guests were questioning how you did certain things. I'm glad you stayed a bit and talked with them. I can't tell you how many compliments I got the next day about your show. Every aspect was magnificent. You made such fun memories for our employees and their families. Please know that I will keep you in mind for any future shows.
- Joelle Burnstein

We wanted to thank you for the fantastic job you did at our fundraising dinner. You made the evening much more special and everyone had a ball. You kept everybody believing you were reading our minds during your show but what really amazed us was when you generously spent so much of your own time with us afterwards to do those personalized tarot and runic readings. Not only did you keep them enthralled, but a number of them told us that you "blew their minds" with some of these readings. We could see that your work is a passion to you and it shows. Everyone had such a great time and we look forward to having you come back again as I will definitely refer you for any future parties and events. Thanks again for a great show from such a multi-talented entertainer. What a thoroughly entertaining and enjoyable performance!
- Pat Hewitt

You can reach Joe at (845) 670-4699
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