Welcome and prepare yourself for a trip into the half broken, half genius, half monkey mind of Joe Leo! I know that's three halves, but three right turns make a left and three half minds make for a captivating show. Well, that and a roll of duct tape, but I digress. A lot. There, I did it again but that's because I'm so excited to have you here. Did you bring me a cookie? Never mind, it's time for you to learn about

  • A mentalist who has read the minds of motorcycle clubs, rocket scientists and zookeepers
  • A Victorian medium who conducted a seance in a haunted asylum
  • A trade show performer who has, on several occasions now, drawn crowds so large that Security had to ask him to stop working until the aisle cleared
  • A motivational speaker who has convinced university audiences to stay in school because the real world is a very scary place!

If so, you've come to the right place because you can find all of this on one web site and in one performer, Joe Leo! If you're looking for someone to take your event to the next level then you've come to the right place. Take a look around and give me a call. Let's start planning a mind blowing experience that will leave your guests and clients (stark) raving (mad)!

Commitment to Safety

There's nothing wrong with asking - we live in scary times! Misfit Mysteries is committed to providing you with a safe performance that respects social distancing by minimizing physical contact onstage, the use of generous amounts of hand sanitizer and deploying multiple microphones when sound support is required. You can rest assured that everything is well planned by a professional entertainer. As well as seeing mind-busting mentalism and laugh out loud comedy, people will want to feel safe. If everyone feels secure, it's just up to Joe to amaze everyone!

While most of Joe's performances are held at corporate, university and private events, he does occasionally break minds and warp reality at the odd public performance.
And it doesn't come much odder than this:


Meetings of the Minds - Joe travels the country presenting mental miracles and motivation at corporate meetings and trade shows. Many of Joe's clients bring him back for repeat performances and are never disappointed. Whether you being him in as a keynote speaker on sales power or entertainment at your dinner, Joe brogs twenty years of experience with Fortune 500 companies to your corporate event. 'Do you have a message to convey at your retreat? Want to motivate your sales force and help them underdtnd the power of influence and leadership in the most memorable manner? Need a message shared in an entertaining and provocative way? How about making your trade show booth a more memorable experience for your visitors? Joe tailors his presentations to meet your needs and emphasize your brand and products. In short, Joe's 'your man!

Colleges and Unversities - Want to see your student union filled with tomorrow's leaders giggling like brain fried monkeys? Need a unique program for a family weekend? Joe has been entertaining college audiences around the country for over twenty years. Joe's college stage show is a healthy mix of humor, motivation and mind-blowing mentalism geared for an audience ready to kick back and say "Huh!" Every performance is a collaboration between Joe and the audience as we embark on an adventure into the human mind while exploring the paths of influence, psychology and simple wonder. Everyone plays a part and everyone leaves smiling! Performances often include the opportunity to explore campus interests, recognize members of the community and even look into your school's haunted past (if you desire nay dare!). All participants are treated as valued guests with consideration given to social distancing and your school's Covid protocols. That's not to say folks may not be left in stitches but only from laughter!

America's Most Haunted - It's time to acknowledge those little things you catch out of the corner of your eye. How much can we learn from the Spirit Realm? The truth can be learned in one of the many haunted locations throughout the country or in the comfort of your own parlor. After all, who knows who or what is really buried under your basement? We put the tools and secrets in your hands as you participate in your own investigation with your personal spirit guide or medium.

Restless Nights - We're already booking seance and mystery programs for next Summer and Fall. Our Civil War, Titanic, Witch Hunter and the ever popular Jack the Ripper seance programs are still available as well as our most popular introduction to Victorian Spiritualism. These interactive sessiomns allow guests to participate to whatever extent they are most comfortable and no two are ever the same. After all, one never knows who will come to sit with us. Contact us for details on how to add some spirit(s) to your lives today!

Proud member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM)

Stage Directors and Choreographers Society (SDC)

Dramatists Guild of America (DGA)

Future member of the Hair Club for Men

You can reach Joe at (845) 670-4699
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